Labor Law

Labor Practice CasesLabor Law practice includes representing labor unions in all aspects of their operations from the initial filing of a Petition for Representation to the prosecution of Unfair Labor Practice cases at both the National Labor Relations Board and the Public Employment Relations Commission. We actively participate in the negotiations process leading to both first time labor contracts and renewed labor contracts on behalf of the unions we represent. We routinely handle union contract disputes at arbitration hearings and are familiar with the arbitrators who regularly practice in New Jersey, New York and the Northeast.

At times, unionized employers engage in intimidation tactics and threaten employees who either act as representatives on behalf of a union or who support a union. It is illegal for an employer to engage in this kind of conduct. We take these issues seriously as we believe protecting one worker helps to strengthen the union cause for employees everywhere. Thus, we do not hesitate to file and pursue unfair labor practice claims on behalf of employees who have been treated differently or terminated because they supported a union.